If you are serious about a new personal record, Stryd gives you an undeniable advantage. Get the daily guidance you need to grow stronger. Reward those countless hours and miles of training with Stryd and a new record on race day.


Stryd brings power to the running world with cutting edge technology. Get ground breaking running form and fatigue measurements so you get fitter and not injured before race day.


Enhanced with carbon fiber, Stryd is light and strong. It accompanies every one of your runs, under any weather or road condition.


Stryd requires minimal attention. Each charge can last for weeks of normal training. All you have to do is set Stryd in its cradle to recharge.


Daily Guidance Fatigue, Race Day Power, Leading Pace & Distance
In The Box Stryd, Shoe Clips, Wired Charger
10 Grams
Bluetooth & ANT+
Water Resistant
1 month run time

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Stryd ships worldwide. New orders begin shipping in 3 weeks. Order now to secure your Stryd.


Up until now, running power was practically only available to elite runners and would cost $10,000+ USD to measure in a lab. But we knew that performance-oriented runners would use power — only at an affordable price — so we decided to get the price down so low ($199) that Stryd will pay for itself 3 times in one year of running.

Yes, Stryd will pay for itself 3 times in just one year of running.

How? Here is our astonishing proposition:

  • - Stryd will ‘upgrade’ your GPS watch to an unseen level so you will have no desire to buy a new watch ($300+ value)
  • - You will satisfy your racing desire more frequently with ground breaking results with Stryd’s power pacing -- no more wasted races ($120+ value)
  • - Save time planning for a race course — no more fiddling with course recon, printing pace bands, or making special trips for practice runs ($75+ value)
  • - Your next running book comes free with Stryd: access expert form-enhancing run drills, race planning webinars, and training plans with your purchase ($161 value)

That is just the tip of the iceberg. If you promise to report your results to us in the first 30 days of running with power, we are prepared to ship you Stryd for just $199 today.


    Our one year warranty (two years in the EU) keeps you running with power.


    No worry returns. Just email us in the first 30 days!


    Stryd ships worldwide. Our technology is used in over one hundred countries. (No additional taxes for EU orders.)


    "At $199 I think that Stryd is good value for money, and it's one of the few devices that I would replace unhesitatingly if I lost it."


    "We like the simple number (power) that shows how hard you’re working."


    "A power meter can help you establish and maintain the correct pace, even on courses where establishing the right rhythm is difficult."


What is Stryd?

Stryd is a wearable that snaps on to any shoe.

It measures your running power and sends that to your watch (Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Apple Watch) when you are running.

What is power?

Imagine you are running on a track and you have a car driving at a constant pace in front of you.

The car is pacing you! If you follow the car, you will evenly split the run.

Now, imagine if the car began driving up hill.

Would the car keep going the same pace?

No, it would slow down.

You can see that the car is not trying to keep you at an even pace now.

It is trying to keep you at an even power.

It wants you to be able to evenly pace yourself up and down hills.

Even pacing is a lot more than just running the same speed in a workout or race.

Even pacing is actually about running at an even power.

Think of Stryd like the car.

Stryd will tell you a power number that you can keep up with on any terrain.

You can easily monitor your watch or phone to see if you are at the right power target.

With Stryd, you will never fall off or exhaust yourself during a workout or race because you will be running to your limit, but not over it.

How does it help me?

Do you want to run your next race faster?


Good. We can help.

Power is a direct measure of how much energy you use when you run.

We want to train your body to be able to access more power when you run.

If you can use more power when you run, you can run faster.

Stryd tells you a personalized power target for every run.

Each power target is designed to improve your endurance, strength, and speed in training.

Some runs are designed to improve your ability to run long.

Some runs are designed to improve your ability to run frequently.

Some runs are designed to improve your ability to run fast.

We identify your weak spot and instruct you to do specialized training to shore up that area.

If you followed a our training recommendations, you will consistently and predictably run faster.

What about race day?

We design a power target that pushes you to your limit on race day.

The power target will ensure that you evenly split your race so you have your best shot at hitting your personal record.

Overall, power is the best way to train and race because it trains you to your limit.

Why is power important? Can’t I just use pace?

Pace is very important. It tells you how fast you are running.

However, pace is not the best metric for training and racing.

To train and race effectively, you need more. It is not enough to just run fast.

You need to factor in hills, your fatigue, your speed, and your running form.

Power accounts for each of these factors so you train effectively when you:

- Have to run uphill/downhill

- Become fatigued late in a run

- Improve your running form and eficiency

What does this mean?

The answer is that you do need pace to train.

But pace offers a very one dimensional view into your run.

If you want a full view of your run, you need to measure your power.

Why is this better than heart rate and GPS?

GPS and heart rate technologies are good measurement tools, but they suffer from one fatal flaw.

GPS and heart rate are very good at telling you how your run went.

But they are not very good at telling you what you should do while you run.

Heart rate and GPS are not very responsive.

Heart rate lags.

GPS can be slow to respond too when you change pace or run up and down hill.

They are not effective at guiding your training in real time.

Stryd uses new motion sensing technology that transcends GPS and heart rate to give you instant access to information that you can you use when running uphill, downhills, and when fatigue starts to kick in.

This gives you access to real time information that your competition does not have.

You can make real time decisions during a training session or race to improve your training instantly.

This is the first time I have heard of this. Is running power new?


It has been around a long time, but this is the first time you can access it.

Scientists have been using running power in the laboratory for years to great effect.

However, they never figured out how to take it outdoors where people really train.

Stryd is the first to create a device that is small enough that you can run with.

A small subset have been using run power for years.

Now, it is available to everyone at a price affordable to runners.



Get triathlon-based run guidance that helps you determine the exact power you need to run off the bike. Do not leave your power numbers when you get off the bike.


Get 5K to Marathon training plans. Stryd determines your weak spot and gives you daily training recommendations so you get fitter and not injured. Get a leg up at your next race with Stryd.


Stryd guides you on all different types of terrain. Run uphills and downhills at the right intensity to run faster and prevent injury.

When was the last time you felt like a million bucks at the finish line?

No, really. When did you truly feel like a million bucks? Think back.

Envision the perfect race day. You followed your plan religiously. You crushed your personal record by 20%+. The entire race day exceeded your expectations. You walked out of the finishing chute to endless high fives because everyone knew you had done it.

Has it been a while? A bit too long?

There are tons of runners suffering, just like you. You see tons of them every race. They are hunched over after the run, gasping for air, and barely able to talk. Totally burnt out of energy. Totally powerless.

They pushed themselves over the limit. They went way over their limit to the breaking point. Once a runner “breaks”, they cannot put themselves back together in a race. Their day is over.

Let's say it like it is: race day is chaos.

Injury risk skyrockets when you “break.” That is when you damage your muscles so much that you need weeks to recover. The discomfort of running is immense. You can barely salvage a gritty jog to the finish line to save face.

It is not your fault either. The excitement of race day will pull even the best runners into running over their limit.

It is time to get back to that “million bucks” feeling...

to close out a race strong...

to know you made good on your training...

to look at the clock at the finish line and fill with pride.

The solution? Stryd's power meter.

Stryd measures the exact amount of energy you exert at any given moment. You learn how to run to your limit, but not over it. Power adapts to any race course in real time, so there are no unexpected surprises. With Stryd, you can predictably turn in excellent race results instead of "breaking."



    "I used Stryd in training it really helps keeping in the right zone. Stryd provides great coaching guidance."


    "The holy grail in running has been to discover such a factor – measuring power in running as a unit."



  • FR 230
  • FR 235
  • FR 630
  • FR 645 & 645M
  • FR 920XT
  • FR 735XT
  • FR 935


  • Fenix 2
  • Fenix 3
  • Fenix 3 HR
  • Fenix 5, 5S, 5X
  • Fenix 5 Plus, 5S Plus, 5X Plus


  • Vivoactive
  • Vivoactive HR
  • Vivoactive 3 & 3 Music


  • Polar V800

Polar Vantage

  • Polar Vantage V
  • Polar Vantage M

Apple Watch

  • Series 2
  • Series 3
  • Series 4

Samsung Watch (via Sporty Watch)

  • Gear S2
  • Gear S3
  • Gear Sport
  • Gear Fit2
  • Gear Fit2 Pro
  • Galaxy Watch

Suunto Ambit

  • Ambit 3
  • Ambit 3S
  • Ambit 3 Peak
  • Ambit 3 Vertical

Suunto Spartan

  • All Suunto Spartans


  • Suunto 9


  • Android
  • iPhone

Training Platforms

Training Platforms


Get racing strategies to make you faster, free.

Stryd ships worldwide. New orders begin shipping in 3 weeks. Order now to secure your Stryd.

What runners are saying about Stryd:

Stryd has turned my Apple Watch from an average running tool, to something very accurate and more impressive than my old Garmin watch. I am very impressed.

Dan West

The most accurate foot-pod I have ever tested. A top-notch support team at the top.

Jeremie Ucl

I use Stryd and it has helped me improve my running efficiency over the past year. As I have grown stronger, my power utilization is more efficient on hills and endurance runs. I have also noticed fat adaptation is improving my HR. Love what Stryd has done so far to help me understand how I can improve.

Mahesh Rengaswamy

I’m loving the Stryd. It’s starting to give me a completely different outlook on how I run. My runs are feeling easier but I’m running better times and I haven’t even started getting fully into it yet.

Neil MacPherson dinamic multisport head coach

Power gives me actionable data that I can use to improve my running form and performance — without guesswork.

Sam Mallery

Bottom line, thank you for a great product and for helping me improve my training, even at age 43 when I'd expect to be slowing down, not speeding up.

Jerod Tufte

Purchased this for my wife who coaches and runs a club. She loves it! Really good tool if you wish to move your running to another level. Gives the ability to analyze every performance aspect of your run or exercise and provides information as to where performance can be improved. Excellent customer service with really helpful and knowledgeable staff who are not just interested in selling a product but are genuinely interested in improving their products and assisting athletes to reach their goals. Highly recommended.

S. Miller

For stryd, every single forum I’ve researched. There was noway of accurately measure the running. People using Garmin’s who are visionally impaired aren’t accessible. The fact that Stryd gives you that option where you can record all the running metrics you possibly want and its all accessible is absolutely brilliant.

Donnacha vision-impaired triathlete

It worked flawlessly and gave me useful cues when I was going too fast, or too slow. I got a 45-second PR, which would have been more if I’d set my power target higher.

Paul Down

I thought you might like to know my race results for today's race (USA Triathlon North CentralRegional Championship - Hammond, Indiana). I was first in my division (65-69 Female) and did a 2018 PR for the run. The run continues to be my most difficult event and I'm so pleased to have run power to help me improve in that area.

Sue Reynolds

Super thanks to Stryd! Sunday I focused on 30s avg. power during my Frankfurt Marathon. I used Stryd during all the trainings getting to a safe and relatively challenge power to keep. I rarely looked at GPS pace, but kept power constant. This drove me to achieve my personal best!

Massimialiano Doria

Stryd gives a far more accurate measurement of distance than any GPS watch. Its accurate enough that it really doesn't need any calibration, and unlike GPS, it should work in any situation. Not only is it providing accurate distance measurement, but it provides real-time pace, something that's impractical to achieve with any GPS device.

fellrnr owner of

I was just reaching out to all the people and companies that were an integral part of my successful race season this far. I recently qualified for the Xterra World Off-Road Triathlon Championships largely in part to the revolutionary Running Power Meter.

Justin archangel coaching

I want to thank the Stryd team for helping me achieve some of my best triathlon run results in recent years this season (a PB in Olympic run, 3 HIM runs under 1hr 26 min, and an IM marathon of 3h 15 min (best I’ve run in 3 years!)

Matthew Smith

I won 1st overall at Nat Greene’s Revenge Duathlon this weekend! I averaged 261w across both runs and only dropped off a bit from the first to second run. My target was 266 so it was right on and helped pave me over some crazy hills on the second run!

Nate Deck

Last saturday I raced Ironman 70.3 Hawaii and running with power allowed me to stay strong and I earned the spot to race at the Ironman 70.3 world championship this September in South Africa. I knew the course was slow due to a lot of grass running, uphills and downhills so running by pace would be super hard. I choose watts and I am glad I stuck to running at my tempo pace wich was between 240 and 260 watts my NP was 236 and I had one of the fastest split on my AG and I will for sure be using my stryd at the Ironman 70.3 world championship and at the ITU grandfinal in Australia and will share my race with you guys. Thank you.

Federico Aradillas

I'm a big fan of the finer details that STRYD picks up for training purposes. I finally had the opportunity to utilize it as a pacing device for a marathon. By knowing what power I should target over the duration I was able to PR the Nashville Marathon this pastweekend in hot and humid conditions. Game changer for long course racing in my opinion.

Derek. D

I’m a big fan. I’ve trained for the London Marathon 2018 and the up and coming Berlin Marathon2018 using power only as a gauge. Never look at pace now when training, onlypower. Transformational! Terrific product.

Suzy M.

I completed a 43km trail race yesterday, and it was the first time I have raced relying completely on Power. I made sure on all of the climbs that I did not let my wattage go above 300, and I finished in 3 hrs 32, which was 30 minutes quicker than I had anticipated. Also the last few races of this length that I had competed in I had gone out way too fast and ended up cramping, and had none of these problems yesterday. So as a coach and athlete, I can’t speak highly enough of the benefits of training and racing with Wattage.

Tim Chalmers


Stryd ships worldwide. New orders begin shipping in 3 weeks. Order now to secure your Stryd.

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