The world’s first wearable power meter measures a runner's efficiency and guides them to personalized performance-enhancing training and form changes.


Stryd measures every key aspect of running — performance, technique, muscle strength and condition, as well as external running environment.


Enhanced with carbon fiber, Stryd is light and strong. It accompanies every one of your runs, under any weather or road condition.


Stryd requires minimal attention. Each charge can handle hundreds of miles. When recharging, it is wireless.


Metrics Efficiency, Intensity, Form, Power
Shoe Clip
Weight 10 Grams
Bluetooth & ANT+
Water Resistant
Battery 1 month run time
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Athlete Feedback

Steve Mantell

College Student & Ironman Competitor

Running with power from Stryd allows me to see how my effort increased to keep a similar pace. I am able to hold pretty steady throughout my workouts and finish strong.

Gui Campos

Long Distance Triathlete

Winter days are perfect to hit the treadmill for any kind of session: long, short, easy, or quality! It's also a great oportunity to work on your form using Stryd to "play" with your technique a bit! Give it a go and use Stryd to check how efficient you are!

Bud Talbot

Educator & Trail Runner

Stryd has become a key part of my training, perhaps the central part. Running with power has helped me to know myself better as a runner and to set and train towards appropriate goals.

Coach Feedback

Bobby McGee

Olympic Running Coach

The holy grail in running has been to discover such a factor – measuring power in running as a unit.

Jim Vance

Author of Run With Power

If you’re preparing for a hilly course that requires perfect pacing, your power meter can help you dial in the exact output pace you need to hold throughout the varying terrain.

Rachel Zambrano

Firefighter & Endurance Coach

I learned how to lean to drop my force production while actually increasing my speed without increasing heart rate. Result? A perfect race day. I paced by power, measured through numbers I trained with and expected to see. I had near perfect mile splits, and as a result, I never hit the wall.