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Is a Stryd gift card the best running gift of the year?

Let’s face it: a gift card usually means you are totally clueless at what to give.

Some would call a gift card a lazy gift --- some would even call it a rotten gift.

A gift card is what you give the cousin you have not seen in a couple years.

A gift card simply used to be a depressing gift to receive.

We even agreed just a few weeks ago.

We recently had a change of heart. With Stryd, we think a gift card is an excellent idea -- and that you might even want to give a Stryd gift card this year.

We discovered a very unusual property about Stryd: we only sell one product.

And, yes, that product can be a little expensive to give to everyone on your list.

So, why not give a part of Stryd instead?

When you give a Stryd gift card, you know exactly what your friend wants to receive and hopes to be: a great runner. It shows that you are not only a close friend, but it shows that you have been listening extremely closely.

A $100, $50, or even $25 gift card for Stryd may only be a little bit to offset the cost of Stryd but it can go a long way in encouraging a runner to want more in their running life.

That card can be used for one of two things:

1. The first and most obvious is Stryd. A gift card goes a long way in making Stryd easier to purchase.

2. The second is Jim Vance’s book, Run With Power. If your friend is curious about running with power, a Stryd gift card lets them buy the pre-eminent book about running with power so they can learn how it will benefit them. Then, they can use the left over funds to buy Stryd if they are interested.

If a birthday is upcoming or if you want to gift Stryd for the holidays, a Stryd gift card is a great option for the runner in your life.

Your gift of Stryd is the first step in challenging them to tackle their running dreams.

Gift cards are instantly delivered via email, so this is a great choice for a last second gift.

We have your back! Stryd gift cards never expire or depreciate in value.

With your purchase of the Stryd gift card, you will also receive a free digital copy of the Stryd Power training manual. This training manual will give your gift card recipient a preview of what is to come.

Click below to give a Stryd gift card.

Gift Card