The world’s first wearable power meter measures a runner's efficiency and guides them to personalized training and form improvements.


Stryd measures every key aspect of running — performance, technique, muscle strength and condition, as well as external running environment.


Enhanced with carbon fiber, Stryd is light and strong. It accompanies every one of your runs, under any weather or road condition.


Stryd requires minimal attention. Each charge can handle hundreds of miles. All you have to do is set Stryd on its base to wirelessly recharge.


Metrics Efficiency, Intensity, Power
Shoe Clip
Weight 10 Grams
Bluetooth & ANT+
Water Resistant
Battery 1 month run time

Run With Power by Jim Vance (eBook)

$ 9.99

‘Run with Power’ demonstrates how to use your running power meter data for better performance.

In the book, triathlon coach and author Jim Vance outlines how to interpret the data gathered from your Stryd running power meter in order to be able to establish personal power training zones.

Vance shares how to compare wattage, heart rate, pace and perceived exertion to get maximum insight into your training so you can train smarter and more efficiently with your training load and schedule.